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This site is a sister to The Year of Magical Painting, the self-chronicling of my quest to become the preeminent American portrait painter of the 21st century.

The purpose of this site is to provide, with minimal commentary, images and prices of my Wall Street paintings. It contains almost the entire collection of my annotated paintings, listed in chronological order, excluding only the ones that are so bad I cannot bear to look at them.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Existential Rage in the Workplace

This is one of my "map" paintings, all of which feature a title, a "black hole," and a red dot that indicates "You Are Here."  This one is a Zero Hedge painting but the idea is that you can insert your title of choice.  So if you work at JPMorgan now, or you used to work at Bear or SAC Capital -- just to pick two at random -- that becomes the title.  Or, if you like to fly the ZH flag, you are welcome to one like this.

It's an expression of existential rage -- something we all need to get off our chests every once in a while.  Particularly around the holidays.

These are actual paintings, not prints.  Because of this, the size and shape of the black hole varies quite a bit.  Each painting measures 2'x3'.  Larger sizes are available.  

The cost is $2,500.  I guarantee domestic delivery before Christmas or your money back.  I can also expedite for Hanukkah.  The price includes domestic delivery.  Inquire about international.  Paintings are shipped rolled, in a tube.  

My email is gvraymond@gmail.com

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